Friday, June 24, 2005


Premiership Fixtures Announced

We kick off the new season at home against Blackburn, 13th August. Then it's Newcastle away, followed by Bolton at home.

Some notable fixtures:

Fulham (a) 17th September
Arsenal (h) 24th September
Sunderland (a) 1st October
Liverpool (a) 29th October
West Brom (h) 5th November
Spurs (a) 19th November
Man Utd (h) 26th November
Portsmouth (a) 26th December
Wigan (h) 28th December
Charlton (a) 31st December
Chelsea (h) 2nd January

Our final game of the season is against Spurs at home on 7th May. Give 'em hell, lads!

You can see the complete list of fixtures at this link.

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