Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hammers Scrape Through!

The hammers came from behind against Coventry tonight in a fairly laclustre performance and had to concede before we even began to participate according to reports. But what's important is we are in the hat for the quarter finals after Carlton F Cole scored a 93rd minute winner after some good work from Boa Morte.

Now lets hope some big teams get knocked out and we get a reasonable home tie in the last 8.


KUMB cops it

I'm sure most of the Aussie Hammers would agree that the venerable website KUMB has been the best website to get your Hammers news for some years now, especially since the media have practically starved us of news pretty much since we got relegated.

So now the noose tightens a little more since KUMB writers have been banned from official media activities including match day interviews - see this link.

To many Aussie fans, KUMB provides what BBC/SKY won't, and what WHU-AU can't - detailed, up to date and reasonably accurate news. KUMB serve the West Ham internet community at large, filling the gaps where the paid media services just aren't interested. BBC in particular have been very slack in providing updates.

Of course most commercial media outlets are either so "neutral" that they are dull as ditchwater, or sensationalise every tidbit - usually negatively - so that you have no idea what's going on. And the official site will try to put a positive spin on everything, even to the point of restricting what type of news they will print. KUMB provides the balance for that without flaying the club, manager, or players unnecessarily, and is pretty much the only source of good old honest and reliable opinions from genuine fans. There have been times when otherwise seemingly disastrous scandals were put to rest by the truth printed on KUMB! In particular KUMB was the only site that would print interviews in full without editing. This had the benefit of seeing what managers really said without the Sunday rag spin on things.

Where will we get all of that now?

Shame on you, West Ham United PLC.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Portsmouth v West Ham highlights

SBS video highlights of Portsmouth v West Ham

Solano - On yer 'ead, son! Astonishing misses, but won't hold it against him.

Carlton Cole - Fantastic shot, as someone here said, he had absolutely no right to get that shot off but he nearly scored an absolute pearler, excellent!

Green - What an incredible goalkeeper! And I've said it before, but you gotta dig this dude's 'tude...

Monday, October 29, 2007


Fantasy League Update

Table after gameweek 11

Congrats to Dickster for being the October Manager of the Month.

Honourable mention to "WHU Past & Present" who came 2nd despite having to cope with a self imposed rule of only picking players who have played for West Ham in some capacity.

Pos/Team/Manager/This Week/Grand Total

1 Ham West Graham Drummond 59 613
2 Brisbane Hammers Dave Rhodes 71 563
3 Rsk Hammers Richard Kemp 67 544
4 Gunnadoos Craig Baldwin 66 542
5 winning11 Joe Cobley 52 518
6 Mickys Oz Hammers Micky Palmer 44 518
7 Rapid Earlwood FC Nicholas Xanthis 50 511
8 Fleet Street Folex Folex 44 505
9 Boys from the Boleyn Stuart Robinson 63 501
10 Demons Blake Keough 66 499

October Manager of the Month Running Points

Pos/Team/Manager/This Week/Oct Total

1 Dicksters Devils richard bishop 74 227
2 WHU Past & Present Ben McEvoy 79 202
3 Rsk Hammers Richard Kemp 67 182
4 MarcoBoogersIsMad FC Mark Thomas 60 170
5 Demons Blake Keough 66 164
6 Brisbane Hammers Dave Rhodes 71 163
7 Mickys Oz Hammers Micky Palmer 44 161
8 Thames Ironworkers Kenton Presland 65 157
9 winning11 Joe Cobley 52 155
10 Noof Utd Josh Parsons 49 154

The Brisbane Hammers League is ranked 3,683rd out of 102,574 leagues.

Previous Manager's of the Month.

August - Dave Rhodes (Brisbane Hammers) 185 pts.
September - Graham Drummond (Ham West) 288 pts
October - Richard Bishop (Dickster's Devils) 227 pts

League details Code is 187088-40824 League is called Brisbane Hammers but all whu-au readers welcome.


Bellamy Out!

Craig Bellamy has been ruled out of Tuesday night's cup clash with his former club Coventry after limping off at half time vs Portsmouth at the weekend. He is troubled by the same injury that has blighted his season since it started and it is not known how long he'll be sidelined for but could be out for weeks.

So looks like it'll be Carlton & LBM up front for November.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


West Ham 0-0 Portsmouth

Well deserved point which could've and maybe should've been 3!

Firstly, how the Ref can award a penalty is a disgrace. It was ball to hand for sure and looked to be outside the box! Given that the game was effectively over, it was marginal as to whether Gabbs was in the box and it was unintentional, I find it woeful that any ref would give a penalty. There wasn't even much of a reaction from the Portsmouth players when the incident occured and everyone, including Portsmouth looked surprised. Terrible decision.

Robert Green, how goood is he! Saved us again, he is the man. Not only saved the penalty but made a couple of tasty saves early on. So glad he plays for us, world class.

CFC, will now be known as CC. I'm dropping the F 'cause he deserves it. Thought he had a great game, worked his arse off and was immense in the lone striker role. Had no right to get that shot off that hit the bar but he managed it. Well done my son. Oh and anyone who boo's him should have their arseholes removed, wankers!

Linda was also awesome. Week in week out he's consistent. Him and Green are the best we've got at the moment.

Good to see Lucas back in form and Upson did OK an'all but Gabbs, what are you doing son! He looks shakier than Mohammad Ali carrying a try of Waterford Crystal. He looks a shadow of the player that won Hammer of the year not so long ago. He's a real worry. Suspect Anton will be back at CB after that performance.

Bellamy needs to worry about his football more and stop muck'n about. FFS!

They bossed us around in the midfield, we had heaps of trouble passing the ball out of our own half without having to resort to a long ball. Unfortunately Noble and Mullins are not the answer, both look pretty average and may find it hard to hold down a regular place if we ever get enough players back. Honestly, sometimes you wouldn't know either of'em were on the pitch. To Anonymous for my liking.

Solano missed a couple of sitters. Not sure how he did it? Seemed harder to miss than score? Anyway, he and LBM did add some much needed width.

All in all, yet another patched up side managed to get something from a pretty good side. Well done Curbs and the lads.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Portsmouth Kick Off Time?

So daylight saving is meant to start this Sunday at 2am at which time people in NSW, VIC, SA, ACT turn their clocks forward 1 hour. If that is the case how can Foxtel have our game scheduled for 2:15am - 4:30am?

As soon as it gets to 2am it magically becomes 3am doesn't it? 2:15 should never occur..

Daylight saving time in the UK doesn't start until 1am Sunday morning UK time so it won't have started when our game kicks off on Saturday arvo.

I'm down the coast for the weekend but I'm gonna drive home to watch the game then go back down again...

Does anyone understand this stuff....what time in QLD is our game actually on?

I'm down the coast for the weekend but I'm gonna drive home to watch the game then go back down again...

Monday, October 22, 2007


West Ham v Sunderland highlights

Sorry for the lack of embedding but it's on the SBS video site

Friday, October 19, 2007


Must win game V Sunderland

I know that all games are 'must win' really but this upcoming game against Sunderland is a massive one methinks. Will be very interesting to see what team Curbs puts out with all our injuries, looks like he will have to give some of the youngsters a run-out? If we lose, it's 4 on the trot (sorry for the reminder) with a difficult game at Pompey to come. However, a win would see us clawing back to the top half of the table and be a huge confidence booster. These games leading up to the Spuds clash are pivotal I think and will shape our season.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


A Noble Performance!

Mark Noble put in a match winning performance this morning for the England under 21s. The young hammer bagged a brace and almost got his Hatrick towardss the end as England easily disposed of Republic of Ireland by 3 goals to nil.

This is good news for West Ham as an in form Noble will be desperate to claim back his place in the starting line up against Sunderland this weekend and get the hammers back to winning ways.

1st Goal

2nd Goal

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Our problems are over!

Christian Dailly is on his way back from Southampton.
It's unclear whether he was not wanted anymore or we wanted him back.
If I know Curbs, Christian will be slotting into the attack with CFC for the Sunderland game.
God help us!

PS - To celebrate Christian 'Pele' Dailly's return, 'Curbs Out ' will be sending out free Dailly wigs with all new memberships ;-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What's going on with Solano?

I don't understand Curbs sometimes. Why sign a player then not even give him a place on the bench? We're hardly setting the league alight at the moment so he's got to be given a go soon. Dean Ashton is now ruled out for 6 to 8 weeks so we'll be lucky to see him before xmas - so I reckon Ljungberg could be used up front which would surely give a place in the side for Nobby?

Anyway here's Solano's latest take on it....

"I am not worried about that I haven't played any game yet at West Ham. I have a lot of experience in football," said Solano as he arrived in Peru ahead of their World Cup qualifier with Paraguay.

"It's true, I am not playing but I am calm about that.

"I don't forget that the championship has just started in England and I have a lot of experience in football and in the national team.

"I have even spoken with the coach of Peru and he told me to be calm."

Monday, October 08, 2007


Sunday, October 07, 2007


Aston Villa 1 West Ham 0


Ashton Out!
Camara Out!

You know what I'm thinking but I ain't gonna say it ;-)

Freddie had his best game for us

The injuries
Woefully slow at the back
Couldn't turn possession dominance into goals

Turning Points
CFC's misses

Getting a bit worried now

Friday, October 05, 2007


Brisbane Hammers - Live Meet Ups

*** sticky post, scroll down for recent articles ***

Update - The Pig & Whistle have been in contact again and reiterated that some people's "attitudes need to change". They have video surveilance at both venues and use it, often, to monitor what goes on.

Dave & I have had a chat and we're both concerned with the way things are going for the Brisbane meet ups and think that things need to change.

1) singing is good but we need to be aware that we are not at a game where the 2 teams fans are separated by fences. Winding em up is ok but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. The test should be 'is it good natured banter?'. If it isn't then it probably has no place in an open venue where we may be standing shoulder to shoulder with the opposing fans.

2) if we get a bit of banter back from the other team's fans our reaction should not be to get aggressive and personal. We *want* them to sing back at us and create a bit of atmosphere. That's a good thing.

3) If we're on the receiving end of something that isn't banter but is personal & aggressive & crosses the line, then we need to let the management know rather than take matters into our own hands. For the record I'm embarrassed that I lost my rag after the boro game, not proud of it.

Foxtel viewer's choice means there are fans from a lot of teams in the pub at the same time, some who have been drinking for hours already because they had the early game.We really need to tone things down a *lot* or we're gonna have issues at every single match we watch.

The Pig & Whistle have been incredibly patient but that patience is wearing very thin and indications are that they will take sanctions if things don't change.

We’d be foolish to think we could just go to another venue. Over the years we’ve had a very good relationship with the pig n whistle and they have been very accommodating such as last season’s UEFA cup games when they opened at 4:30am on weekdays. We’d like to think that our relationship is still strong and that we have enough respect to watch the games in a friendly atmosphere.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Super Tom - bless 'im!

Here is a variation on the theme (very funny)

Here's another one, just for the memories...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Adelaide Hammers: Villa vs West Ham 6th October

Message from Paul in Adelaide

The Adelaide Hammers will be meeting this Saturday night @ the Strathmore Hotel (opposite casino) North Tce meeting from 9pm.

Lets get a great turnout for this one as recent numbers have been a little dissapointing.

Come on you Irons!


I'm sick of this C*nt!

Wenger is always airing his dirty washing in public! Why can't he just call Mark Noble and tell him what he thinks and give him the chance to explain his actions??

There's no way that Noble deliberately fouled Hleb and tried to injure him - Mark is a full blooded player that goes for every ball and he was late this time - so go fuck yourself in the Arsene! How dare you slag him in public - have the balls to pick up the phone rather than play the press - you media whore!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has called for the Football Association to review their rules on retrospective punishment.

The Frenchman's plea follows Mark Noble's crunching challenge on Alex Hleb during the 1-0 victory at Upton Park.

Noble caught the Belarusian with a late sliding tackle and was yellow carded by referee Alan Wiley.

In his post-match interview Wenger branded the challenge as 'very nasty', and described Hleb's bruising as 'unbelievable'.

Having watched replays of the incident, The Gunners manager has now voiced his belief that Noble should have received a straight red for his offence.

Wenger, though, defended Wiley's decision not to dismiss the player, and explained that he feels the referee had a poor angle of the foul.

Because Wiley dealt with the incident during the game it cannot be changed retrospectively, and here is where Wenger's issue lies.

"I have seen it again and it was a straight red for Noble, without a doubt," he said.

Diminish the power

"I can understand the referee could not see it, because you could only see it well from one angle on television. That angle is really bad.

"I do not blame the referee because he could not see what happened. He saw it was a foul but he certainly did not notice how bad the foul was at the time.

"There is a case to charge some players after that because sometimes the referee cannot see.

"Only if the referee says he did not see how bad it was.

"The rule would be made not to diminish the power and the authority of the referee - but with the referee's help you could do it."

Monday, October 01, 2007


West Ham 0-1 Arse

Thought we played ok against a very good side.

Couple of dusty decisions didn't go our way, Freddie was on side, 1-1, as was Ashton when he only had the keeper to beat and who knows what would have happened there? But the Ref and the other mice didn't see it our way. Anyway, you get that!

Thought we lacked width which limited our attacking options. Without wingers we had to try and pass in through a conjested midfield or belt it long to Ashton. Not really that effective and not that hard to defend against. We missed Ethers who must be injured, he wasn't even on the bench. And if that was the case I thought LBM should have played with Freddie on the RM, which I think is his preferred position anyway? I suspect Bowyer was being rewarded for his form lately so kept his spot?

Van leprosy's goal was a good'n, he really attacked the ball, Lucas was caught ball watching a bit but Lep's flew at the ball so fair play to him.

Green for me was MOTM, how he's not in the England squad is astounding!

Thought Gabbs looked ok when he came on and I'd prefer him and Upson as the CM pairing anyway. Anton scares me at times, way too casual for my liking.

What is the go with Parker. FFS!

Henri made a nuisance of himself but there didn't seem to be much understanding between him and Ashton. We need Bellend back ASAP! But to be fair the strikers need to recive a ball through on the ground once in awhile to give themselves a better chance on goal.

Bad miss by Ahston, should have buried that.

How is Linda? is it me or does he look the bollocks. Seems very calm and has been doing his job very well. Seems like he's made LB his own. Good luck to him, I thought he was the weakest link. Not so.

Knoble's tackle, oh dear, thought he was lucky to stay on the pitch.

Overall, I thought we should have got something out of the game.

Must get something against Villa, if we don't I'll start getting nervous!