Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm sick of this C*nt!

Wenger is always airing his dirty washing in public! Why can't he just call Mark Noble and tell him what he thinks and give him the chance to explain his actions??

There's no way that Noble deliberately fouled Hleb and tried to injure him - Mark is a full blooded player that goes for every ball and he was late this time - so go fuck yourself in the Arsene! How dare you slag him in public - have the balls to pick up the phone rather than play the press - you media whore!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has called for the Football Association to review their rules on retrospective punishment.

The Frenchman's plea follows Mark Noble's crunching challenge on Alex Hleb during the 1-0 victory at Upton Park.

Noble caught the Belarusian with a late sliding tackle and was yellow carded by referee Alan Wiley.

In his post-match interview Wenger branded the challenge as 'very nasty', and described Hleb's bruising as 'unbelievable'.

Having watched replays of the incident, The Gunners manager has now voiced his belief that Noble should have received a straight red for his offence.

Wenger, though, defended Wiley's decision not to dismiss the player, and explained that he feels the referee had a poor angle of the foul.

Because Wiley dealt with the incident during the game it cannot be changed retrospectively, and here is where Wenger's issue lies.

"I have seen it again and it was a straight red for Noble, without a doubt," he said.

Diminish the power

"I can understand the referee could not see it, because you could only see it well from one angle on television. That angle is really bad.

"I do not blame the referee because he could not see what happened. He saw it was a foul but he certainly did not notice how bad the foul was at the time.

"There is a case to charge some players after that because sometimes the referee cannot see.

"Only if the referee says he did not see how bad it was.

"The rule would be made not to diminish the power and the authority of the referee - but with the referee's help you could do it."

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