Monday, October 01, 2007


West Ham 0-1 Arse

Thought we played ok against a very good side.

Couple of dusty decisions didn't go our way, Freddie was on side, 1-1, as was Ashton when he only had the keeper to beat and who knows what would have happened there? But the Ref and the other mice didn't see it our way. Anyway, you get that!

Thought we lacked width which limited our attacking options. Without wingers we had to try and pass in through a conjested midfield or belt it long to Ashton. Not really that effective and not that hard to defend against. We missed Ethers who must be injured, he wasn't even on the bench. And if that was the case I thought LBM should have played with Freddie on the RM, which I think is his preferred position anyway? I suspect Bowyer was being rewarded for his form lately so kept his spot?

Van leprosy's goal was a good'n, he really attacked the ball, Lucas was caught ball watching a bit but Lep's flew at the ball so fair play to him.

Green for me was MOTM, how he's not in the England squad is astounding!

Thought Gabbs looked ok when he came on and I'd prefer him and Upson as the CM pairing anyway. Anton scares me at times, way too casual for my liking.

What is the go with Parker. FFS!

Henri made a nuisance of himself but there didn't seem to be much understanding between him and Ashton. We need Bellend back ASAP! But to be fair the strikers need to recive a ball through on the ground once in awhile to give themselves a better chance on goal.

Bad miss by Ahston, should have buried that.

How is Linda? is it me or does he look the bollocks. Seems very calm and has been doing his job very well. Seems like he's made LB his own. Good luck to him, I thought he was the weakest link. Not so.

Knoble's tackle, oh dear, thought he was lucky to stay on the pitch.

Overall, I thought we should have got something out of the game.

Must get something against Villa, if we don't I'll start getting nervous!

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