Wednesday, October 31, 2007


KUMB cops it

I'm sure most of the Aussie Hammers would agree that the venerable website KUMB has been the best website to get your Hammers news for some years now, especially since the media have practically starved us of news pretty much since we got relegated.

So now the noose tightens a little more since KUMB writers have been banned from official media activities including match day interviews - see this link.

To many Aussie fans, KUMB provides what BBC/SKY won't, and what WHU-AU can't - detailed, up to date and reasonably accurate news. KUMB serve the West Ham internet community at large, filling the gaps where the paid media services just aren't interested. BBC in particular have been very slack in providing updates.

Of course most commercial media outlets are either so "neutral" that they are dull as ditchwater, or sensationalise every tidbit - usually negatively - so that you have no idea what's going on. And the official site will try to put a positive spin on everything, even to the point of restricting what type of news they will print. KUMB provides the balance for that without flaying the club, manager, or players unnecessarily, and is pretty much the only source of good old honest and reliable opinions from genuine fans. There have been times when otherwise seemingly disastrous scandals were put to rest by the truth printed on KUMB! In particular KUMB was the only site that would print interviews in full without editing. This had the benefit of seeing what managers really said without the Sunday rag spin on things.

Where will we get all of that now?

Shame on you, West Ham United PLC.

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