Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What's going on with Solano?

I don't understand Curbs sometimes. Why sign a player then not even give him a place on the bench? We're hardly setting the league alight at the moment so he's got to be given a go soon. Dean Ashton is now ruled out for 6 to 8 weeks so we'll be lucky to see him before xmas - so I reckon Ljungberg could be used up front which would surely give a place in the side for Nobby?

Anyway here's Solano's latest take on it....

"I am not worried about that I haven't played any game yet at West Ham. I have a lot of experience in football," said Solano as he arrived in Peru ahead of their World Cup qualifier with Paraguay.

"It's true, I am not playing but I am calm about that.

"I don't forget that the championship has just started in England and I have a lot of experience in football and in the national team.

"I have even spoken with the coach of Peru and he told me to be calm."

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