Friday, October 05, 2007


Brisbane Hammers - Live Meet Ups

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Update - The Pig & Whistle have been in contact again and reiterated that some people's "attitudes need to change". They have video surveilance at both venues and use it, often, to monitor what goes on.

Dave & I have had a chat and we're both concerned with the way things are going for the Brisbane meet ups and think that things need to change.

1) singing is good but we need to be aware that we are not at a game where the 2 teams fans are separated by fences. Winding em up is ok but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. The test should be 'is it good natured banter?'. If it isn't then it probably has no place in an open venue where we may be standing shoulder to shoulder with the opposing fans.

2) if we get a bit of banter back from the other team's fans our reaction should not be to get aggressive and personal. We *want* them to sing back at us and create a bit of atmosphere. That's a good thing.

3) If we're on the receiving end of something that isn't banter but is personal & aggressive & crosses the line, then we need to let the management know rather than take matters into our own hands. For the record I'm embarrassed that I lost my rag after the boro game, not proud of it.

Foxtel viewer's choice means there are fans from a lot of teams in the pub at the same time, some who have been drinking for hours already because they had the early game.We really need to tone things down a *lot* or we're gonna have issues at every single match we watch.

The Pig & Whistle have been incredibly patient but that patience is wearing very thin and indications are that they will take sanctions if things don't change.

We’d be foolish to think we could just go to another venue. Over the years we’ve had a very good relationship with the pig n whistle and they have been very accommodating such as last season’s UEFA cup games when they opened at 4:30am on weekdays. We’d like to think that our relationship is still strong and that we have enough respect to watch the games in a friendly atmosphere.

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