Sunday, October 28, 2007


West Ham 0-0 Portsmouth

Well deserved point which could've and maybe should've been 3!

Firstly, how the Ref can award a penalty is a disgrace. It was ball to hand for sure and looked to be outside the box! Given that the game was effectively over, it was marginal as to whether Gabbs was in the box and it was unintentional, I find it woeful that any ref would give a penalty. There wasn't even much of a reaction from the Portsmouth players when the incident occured and everyone, including Portsmouth looked surprised. Terrible decision.

Robert Green, how goood is he! Saved us again, he is the man. Not only saved the penalty but made a couple of tasty saves early on. So glad he plays for us, world class.

CFC, will now be known as CC. I'm dropping the F 'cause he deserves it. Thought he had a great game, worked his arse off and was immense in the lone striker role. Had no right to get that shot off that hit the bar but he managed it. Well done my son. Oh and anyone who boo's him should have their arseholes removed, wankers!

Linda was also awesome. Week in week out he's consistent. Him and Green are the best we've got at the moment.

Good to see Lucas back in form and Upson did OK an'all but Gabbs, what are you doing son! He looks shakier than Mohammad Ali carrying a try of Waterford Crystal. He looks a shadow of the player that won Hammer of the year not so long ago. He's a real worry. Suspect Anton will be back at CB after that performance.

Bellamy needs to worry about his football more and stop muck'n about. FFS!

They bossed us around in the midfield, we had heaps of trouble passing the ball out of our own half without having to resort to a long ball. Unfortunately Noble and Mullins are not the answer, both look pretty average and may find it hard to hold down a regular place if we ever get enough players back. Honestly, sometimes you wouldn't know either of'em were on the pitch. To Anonymous for my liking.

Solano missed a couple of sitters. Not sure how he did it? Seemed harder to miss than score? Anyway, he and LBM did add some much needed width.

All in all, yet another patched up side managed to get something from a pretty good side. Well done Curbs and the lads.

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