Friday, July 01, 2005



Strasbourg's Senegalese striker Mamadou Niang is being chased by West Ham and Marseille, at least according to the player's agent (and we all know how reliable that source is!). Apparently Pardew's been in talks with him, which suggests that he's made an offer to Strasbourg and that it's been accepted. The price being bandied about is £4 million, which seems quite a lot - I hope he's good for that kind of dough. Last season the 25-year-old started 32 (+1 sub) matches for his club, scoring 12 goals and collecting 7 yellow cards. I don't know anything else about him.

Here's a suggested song for him, to the tune of "Agadoo" (that annoying 80s song "push pineapple shake the tree"):

He comes from Sen-e-gal
Gets the ball and scores a goal
Mamadou-dou-dou... (repeat ad nauseum)

Interestingly, his namesake, General Mamadou Niang, is a highly-decorated Senegalese soldier, government minister and ambassador to the UK.

BREAKING NEWS: Sky Sports have reported that Marseille may have won the race and that he is due for talks with them today, but that he hasn't signed yet.

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