Friday, September 09, 2005


Benni disappointed

I know it's late news, but there's nothing else going on.

Benni McCarthy has revealed his frustration after his eleventh-hour move to West Ham was cancelled by his club Porto."I passed the medical test and I was sure I was signing for West Ham," he said. "You can imagine my frustrations when told at the last minute that the deal was off. I have served the club well and I thought they would finally release me.

"Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers have shown huge interest in me and I don't know why the club won't release me. But I can't change what has happened and I will just have to play for them until my contract with them ends.

"I have two more years with Porto, but I don't think I will be with them for that long. Maybe something will materialise when the window period opens again in January."

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