Sunday, October 30, 2005


Pretty Poor Sums It Up!

We seldom show up to Anfield for our fixtures vs Liverpool and this was certainly no exception. Having watched the game, we showed far too much respect as usual against a team grossly underacheiving by their own reckoning, who have hardly scored a goal all season. Well we lined them up with plenty of scoring opportunities and although only 2 were converted, the chances were there for Liverpool, and the fact that we were still in the game with 10 minutes to go was more through lack of cutting edge on the scousers part than a credit to us. In fact over the 90 minutes we hardly registered a shot on target!

But I'm not down about it - it's not unusual to come away with nothing from Anfield, and I fully expect a different team to show up at our next game against West Brom at Upton Park where 3 valuable points must surely be attained if we are going to keep the season on track before 2 tricky games against Spurs & Man Yoo!

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