Thursday, November 24, 2005


Pardew: Keane's got my number

West Ham has become the one millionth football club to express an interest in Roy "you know what a nemesis is, don't you" Keane. "We have a great base here of young players, a good squad and a good spirit and to jump to the next level we need to bring in real quality players," said Alan Pardew. When asked whether he'd offer the Cork hardman a contract, he hinted at an interest. "I wouldn't dismiss it. I haven't explored what Roy wants to do because that is probably what is going to happen - it will be what Roy wants to do. But certainly I haven't closed the door on bringing a player of his stature to this club because that is the sort of player we want to look at."

"I would not put it out of the question because we want to acquire great players," added Pardew. We're trying to let people know that this is a good club, and that it's run well. If Roy Keane is interested in coming to talk to us, then no problem. I think we need to find out, like all clubs in the Premiership, what Roy Keane's ambitions are and what he wants to do. If he wants to keep playing in the Premiership, every club in the division would be involved, I'm sure. He is a quality player. I want to attract quality players here. If he wanted to come to West Ham, I'd talk to him."

On the game against Keane's former club this weekend, Pardew feels the 34-year-old midfielder's absence will help West Ham. "When you lose a player like that it is always disruptive mentally. Ruud van Nistelrooy has already said he felt it was a big blow."

Pardew has also spoken about the alleged racist abused levelled at Egyptian striker Mido at White Hart Lane last weekend. The West Ham boss said: "It's never nice and I don't approve of it at all. That is not the right image we want to set. We are in the middle of a multi-racial community and we want to portray ourselves as a good young team with good fans. The fans are the heartbeat of this team."

He added: "I will apologise to [Spurs]. It is very difficult because it goes on in most games. Sometimes it goes unreported, sometimes it doesn't. But that doesn't mean to say we should accept it."

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