Friday, January 27, 2006


Teddy rumours; Ashton & Carroll out

* There has been some stirring about Teddy Sheringham returning to Spurs but Pardew has denied any contact from the North London club. "Of course I had to speak to Teddy about it," said Pardew. "I don't want him to think I wouldn't inform him if that sort of club came in. He's too old and experienced for me to do that to him. But I've not had a phone call from Tottenham, so it's news to me unfortunately."

"I'm determined to keep Teddy here. Next year, as well. I think he's got an important role to play with the players I've got here. We've young strikers - Dean Ashton's 22, Bobby is 24-25, Marlon is as well, Katan is only young. It's fantastic to have him around, from my part, and it is annoying it's come up at this time and disruptive. But we can only deal with what's put in front of us. At the moment, Teddy seems very happy and none more so than me because I'm very, very happy with him.

"He plays a role here anyway. In terms of his performance on the pitch and what he does in training; he's an example in how to finish in training every day. Personally, I would like him to perhaps offer a little bit more on the coaching side. He's declined that, at the moment, as he wants to focus on his playing. I understand that, the age he's at, he needs to focus on his body and make sure he's in top condition. Next year might be different, maybe he'll take that role on but it's Teddy's decision not mine.

"As I say, I'm not going to answer questions that are Teddy's really. I have no problem with him contributing on the training ground, paralleled with the playing ability of course. The offer's been there since the day he stepped in the place. At the moment, he wants to concentrate on his playing and I'm fine with that."

But Sheringham's agent Barry Neville says that Teddy wants to continue playing - not coaching - at West Ham. "Teddy is enjoying himself. He is living for the moment - having a great time and he is enjoying himself at West Ham," said the agent. "He wants to carry on playing. Ted has always said he does not want to be judged by a number but by his performances. He is just focused on playing at the moment and has not given coaching too much thought. While he is still playing that is what he wants to do."

"I had a phone call about Tottenham from a newspaper on Wednesday but I just dismissed it. I think Blackburn might have made an enquiry about Teddy this time last year, but I have heard nothing since - and West Ham have told me nothing about them making a fresh enquiry."

* Dean Ashton is unlikely to make his debut until the Sunderland game, due to a groin injury that was suffered before the transfer. He'll miss the Blackburn game and the Arsenal game. Roy Carroll is also unlikely to play in the next few games due to a back strain. He sure gets injured a lot for a 'keeper, doesn't he?

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