Sunday, March 05, 2006


West Ham Hang On

Excuse the briefness but I am unable to type properly due to a motorbike racing accident.

I thought we played poorly in general. Everton were more disciplined and organised. Our midfielders need to push up more when defending instead of dropping back all the way to the defensive line and into the 18 yard box. They are trying to play on the break but this only plays to one of our many strengths, that is, speed. The skill and guile of our strikers, wingers and NRC are then wasted, and also Shaka is put under unnecessary pressure. Let the defence do their job. We need to put the opponents under pressure in the midfield area instead of inviting them on, and this is not just talking about the second goal.

Player ratings:

Shaka 7 - Good job under pressure. Decisive, strong and reliable.
Konchy 7 - very good defensively and coming forward. His passing in the first half was poor but this improved a lot after the break.
Danny G 6.5 - OK generally, could have done much better for the goal.
Anton 6.5 - like Danny spoiled an otherwise good performance with a brain explosion, in this case trying to get himself sent off.
Scaloni 5 - Ugh.
Ethers 7 - yet another good performance, was full of fight.
NRC/Mullins 6 - See comments above. Both had good moments but didn't have control over the match.
Yossi 5 - Did little apart from his involvement with the first goal. His defensive game has gone way downhill.
Marlon 8 - Never stopped and took his goal well.
Deano 7 - Solid. Excellent finish for his goal, I didn't think he'd get it but he did. Seems to me to have a certain Alan Shearer quality - in the best way possible of course.

Z-man 6 - no impact but the substitution and pack shuffle helped the side.
10K 6 - did his job as usual.
"Terry" Sheringham 6 - no real impact.

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