Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's Boro

Middlesbrough have gone through to the semi finals of the FA Cup after defeating Charlton 4-2 this morning.

I must say I'm pleased with the outcome. I think we have a slightly better chance against Boro and it should be a decent game. We found Charlton to be a difficult opponent and were somewhat lucky to get away with the draw, whereas Boro should be a more open affair which suits us more (and provides better entertainment). Boro have done well lately, winning a trophy and playing in Europe. The Aussies at the club (big Dukes and Schwartzer) will still be buzzing after qualification to the World Cup so expect them to be in good form. Jimmy Floyd is, IMO, quite an underrated striker and I think Chelsea made a big mistake letting him go - he found himself surrounded by multi-million pound signings and pulled his socks up and played brilliantly. Frankly I'm surprised Boro were able to get him. Rochemback is also quite a decent player. Our pace and strength up front and down the wings should give their defence headaches, and if I remember rightly (which I rarely do) they aren't too flash in the air, suggesting perhaps Ashton - if his form improves - should start up front or even Collins if Anton is fit. Having said that however I think pace is our strength against Boro so at this stage I'd be looking at playing Z-man and Harewood up front. Our main worry is their front two. They are certainly capable of banging in the goals so I hope Anton is fit for the match, and I hope Scaloni isn't playing!

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