Saturday, August 05, 2006


Lampard - Ungrateful Wanker!

He just can't resist it can he? He just has to keep stabbing the club in the back that gave him his opportunity.

In his latest outburst he has recalled a time when he broke his leg as an 18 year old at Villa Park. I was at that game and I remember being part of the crowd who clapped him off the field that day and many felt very bad for him. I for one remember feeling very sorry for him and could see the pain in his face as he signalled to the bench he had a problem. Yet Frank remembers it differently. Frank recalls that a section of the away support cheered and applauded when he was on the ground injured. It's funny that Frank would hear differently to me as he was on his arse on the half way line whilst I was behind the goal at the far end of the pitch with those very fans he is now accusing. All I heard was anguish and concern. Could it be that the ungrateful bastard actually heard the villa fans who were after all alot closer to him at the time? Frank was eventually stretchered round past the fans to an applause and chants of there's only one Frank Lampard. And people including myself shouted out things like, get well soon Frank, you'll be ok mate.

Maybe 1 or 2 fans did shout something that I didn't hear but to hold bitterness and resentment in this way because of 1 or 2 people is disgusting and ungrateful for the chance he was given at our glorious club.

And wasn't it a chance he was given?

Let me tell you what the real reason why a section of the supporters disliked Frank Lampard Jnr. The fact that time and again, crap performance after crap performance he was allowed to keep his place in the side because of the family ties. Fantastic for your development Frank, but maybe not the best thing for our club and our season at the time. In my opinion there were better youth players not given the opportunity of a 40 odd game run of poor form to learn and flush out their mistakes. Lee Hodges is a classic example. If Lee had been given the chace that Frank was I think he would've been class. Instead he had to make do with a few meagre substitute appearances before being farmed off to Scunthorpe to try and resurrect his fledgling career.

So I quote "I remember when Joe Cole first came to Chelsea he would turn away in disappointment if West Ham lost. I would smile. That's how deeply I felt. I wanted West Ham to lose. Now I don't even look for their results." Yeah you're a really big man aren't you Frank, you're really over the bitterness aren't you now you don't even look for our results? That's why you're still sticking the knife in, time and time again and have to splash this crap all over your book and ultimately the papers.

You're just a fat Paul Ince!

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