Tuesday, September 05, 2006


OZ Hammers at Johnny Warren Foundation benefit dinner

The following is an announcement by DPL. Note that tickets are $75 each and all proceeds go to the Johnny Warren Foundation charity.


I have been offered 2 tables (only 20 seats) at the Johnny Warren
Football Foundation Fundraiser dinner on Sun 17 Sept for the OZ
Hammers. I attach a flyer called "Football-Feast.jpg".

There will be several high profile FFA football administrators and
players in attendance and more will be announced this week.

So far we have Les Murray (SBS), Steve Corica (Syd FC), Mark Milligan
(Syd FC), Terry Butcher (Coach Syd FC) and Phil Wolanski (Board
Member FFA and Manager of the Australian team at the World Cup) and
waiting on answers from a few others ie Robbie Slater, Anthony
Lapaglia, Andy Paschalidis etc.

This is principally a fund raiser for The Foundation and during the
night we will also be conducting a silent auction featuring some
wonderful football memorabilia and more to 100% benefit to the Johnny
Warren Football Foundation.

As the event is almost sold out, please let me know very quickly if
you would like to be on one of the OZ Hammers tables. Please respond
no later than Friday this week.



[ed: if you're interested email me and I will pass your message on to DPL.]

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