Thursday, December 07, 2006


West Ham 0 - 2 Wigan

Well there goes the home form - I think I warned of this earlier this week. I also mentioned a lack of cutting edge - I think that is still apparent. I also called for Harewood to be partnered alongside Tevez and he was but we got no reward for it. Wigan came to Upton Park with a game plan to stop us attacking and we had no answer to it.

The itself doesn't worry me - we always lose to Wigan at home because they always play the same game plan which we have no answer to. The first time they came to Upton Park we won 4-0 - they did their homework and worked out how to stop that happening again. What concerns me is our next two fixtues Bolton away and Man U at home and our league position - we are now in the relegation zone. We never get anything from Bolton and we'll be lucky to do Man U the way they are playing.

I'm a touch worried. :-(

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