Wednesday, July 25, 2007


MSI Lodge High Court Writ

It appears MSI & JSI have instigated proceedings to sue us. From Setanta UK.

"I can confirm the companies have begun High Court proceedings against West Ham," said Teacher Stern Selby solicitor Graham Shear, the law firm representing MSI and Just Sports Inc.

The statement continued: "A High Court writ was served on the football club's solictors.

"The Companies seek the court's intervention to compel West Ham to release the registration of Carlos Tevez in accordance with contracts entered into between the parties."We are asking the court to intervene so that Tevez can be registered to play with Manchester United as soon as possible."

Personally this turn of events has me worried as I have always wondered how we could legally terminate a contract without the other parties consent and absent a clause allowing us to do so. Sure we have the PL on side in terms of registration but the courts may take a very different view.

In the realm of gossip, one of the Brisbane Hammers has connections with the UK press and passed on this snippet :-

"...tells me Eggy spent a month in Brazil & helped the prosecutor lay charges against the Iranian bloke. Apparently he never paid Corinthians a penny for either Mashpotato or King Carlos but did a bunk with them and they only ended up at Upton Park because “bent” Brown was the only bloke to show any interest. Remember they were hawked everywhere at the time but no-one was willing to take them on."

He also passed on something I've seen suggested elsewhere, namely that Eggy has had a gutful of Sky's Sports OTT anti West Ham / pro Manc reporting bias and has broken off communications with them.

I had actually heard this was just limited specifically to Sky Sports News and not Sky Sports in general.

In any case lets hope it doesn't have downstream ramifications for our games being shown here.

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