Monday, November 26, 2007


Spurs Match Report

Team - Green, McCartney, Gabbs, Upson, Neill, Matty, Mullins, Noble (Parker 63), Solano (Spector 82), Cole, LBM (Ashton 72). Subs Not Used Wright, Collins

For large parts of this game you could be mistaken for thinking that Spurs were the home team. In particular for at least the 1st half hour of the 2nd half and before we scored in the 1st half the Yids dominated the game.

Our goal came against the run of play when a blunder from Kaboul allowed LBM to do well and feed it through to Nobby who in turn slid it across goal to CFC who was completely unmarked. Good work by all three.

Keane blew a golden chance to equalise when put straight through on Green who did amazingly well to put him under pressure and Keane put his flick towards goal wide before any contact. Keane was infuriated not to get a penalty but a) he'd flicked it too far and was never gonna get it and b) he was offside in the first place. In any case the contact was no more than a brush across the chest with Green's trailing leg, so Keane can fuck off.

After the goal we were the better team for the remainder of the half and things looked rosy going in at half time.

Unfortunately we just weren't at the races for about half an hour after the break. We just looked ordinary.

Not singling him out but Lucas still worries me..when get's forward he turns it over too easily resulting in us being caught out and him having to scamper back (and he isn't that fast) or he gets sucked into centre back when Upson & Gabbs have it covered and leaves his side free for someone to glide in...we nearly conceded a goal for just that reason.

Their equaliser unfortunately was entirely down to Greeno...he didn't need to come but having done so he had to get there earlier and with authority...this was the sort of blue I had been dreaming of Robinson making but dream turned nightmare...

Their goal did polarise us into looking like we gave a fuck again.

Somebody (Beex?) needs to tell Curbs that Spector is not an impact player FFS.

Where the fuck was Freddie? He can captain his country mid-week but not get a look in for us...he would have been far more useful than Spector to try and find a winner...

Ashton as usual will take about 200 minutes of football to look sharp. He did force a good save out of Robinson.

Parker didn't really have an impact although he nearly found the bottom corner with a cool bit of composure on the edge of the box.

Georgie also forced a goal line clearance. Having not been that much chop for the 1st half hour we did have at least 3 clear cut chances to score a winner.

But like any good script there was still time for a twist. Was it a penalty? Not one you would normally see given..he did tug his shirt a touch and grapple with him a little but I'd have too say it was very harsh.

If anything can make up for missing all 3 points it would have to be little Judas missing a penalty in injury time...magic and just the tonic for all those hammers fans unfortunate enough to work with a yid or two..instead of copping it in the neck for not seeing it out we'll be heckling the sad cunts lol.

Given our depleted line up it would have been awesome to get away with 3 points but to be honest I don't think we played well enough to feel cheated.

Chelsea & Blackburn away next and neither will be a walk in the park...

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