Tuesday, June 07, 2005


OT: A-League coverage

Stolen from theworldgame forum:

So we're gonna get, what, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 games televised Live each week, and that's all good. Buggered if we know who the commentators are likely to be, but has anyone ever heard anything from Fox about whether or not they will have an interactive feature for any of these games?

Virtually all of Foxtel's AFL and NRL games now have interactive features for Digital users.

And it's farken brilliant, too. Particularly the different camera angles on offer. They have stats, a main view, sideline view, highlights reel (if you start watching late), a player tracking view, a split screen view and the one I'm really keen on for football viewing, a 'Coaches view' which is basically a zoomed back picture giving a more thorough view of the field at large, kinda like the view you get from sitting half way up the side in a stadium.

This would be a HUGE plus for football viewing IMO. Normal TV coverage of football does little to give an overall view of off screen movement, positional and tactical play IMO. You miss out on so much by only having the cameras focused on the ball and such a small and limited section of play.

I really hope that if they don't start with interactive coverage, they introduce it quickly.

(someone replied:)

as a foxtel employee i know they will have at least one live and active game a week for the new A league

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