Monday, July 18, 2005


Newsfeeds to Firefox

OK, this is a bit off the topic, but it's pretty cool. I recently discovered that you can have live updated news feeds to Mozilla Firefox, meaning you can have links to the latest headlines in your bookmarks! And it's really easy.

Go to the Bookmarks menu and select 'Manage Bookmarks'. Under the 'File Menu', select 'Newsmark'. Create a name for the Live Bookmark and add the URL of the site's XML, RSS, or Atom feed (usually linked from a small orange icon somewhere in the news site's menu that looks like this: ). New articles from that site will appear as Live Bookmarks in Firefox.

The Atom feed URL for this here blog is The URL for BBC West Ham news is here, and the one for BBC general football news is here. Keep an eye out on your favourite news sites for the icon.

You can also set up news readers to do it, particularly if you're using Netscrape or Internet Bumdragger Netscape or Internet Explorer.

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