Sunday, August 21, 2005


Pardew confronts the ref with video

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Pardew went straight to see referee Dermot Gallagher on the final whistle armed with a video replay of the full-back's 55th-minute tackle on Jermaine Jenas - the man dismissed in similar circumstances at Arsenal last Sunday only to have the decision rescinded.

However, Pardew is not holding out much hope after being told by the official he still believed it was a foul despite Konchesky clearly winning the ball.

"If you are a football person and you think that was a foul, then I do not know, that does not wear with me because I felt he went to ground and won the ball cleanly before he even touched the player," Pardew said.

"I have seen it a few times from a few different angles and my opinion, I do not think, is going to change. I hope Dermot's opinion does because he seems to think that it is still a foul.

"He has seen the replay. I showed him three or four times. At the moment, I do not hold too much hope out because he seems adamant that it is a foul, and I have got to be honest, I just cannot fathom that.

Surely the FA or somebody has to have a quiet word in Gallagher's ear and say "you fucked up son, now put it right".

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