Saturday, September 10, 2005


Roar Revenge - What Goes Around, Comes Around!!

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Original post: 4:23 PM, Friday 2 September 2005

A few of us Brisbane Hammers joined nearly 21,000 fans to see Queensland Roar dispose of NZ Knights 2-0 in the inaugural A-League match at the Suncorp Stadium last Sunday.

Norven Munky aka Tony Mac and myself joined in with a few Queensland fans in a light hearted post match sing song in the Paddington Tavern. A young bouncer decided to take exception to this and believing that we had not done anything to warrant his heavy response, we tried to stand our ground and argue our case when asked to leave. After the bouncer threw our drinks in the garden, we were forcefully removed from the premises in an unnecessary manner for no apparent reason other than being jovial and singing songs supporting our team.

Disgruntled at this, the next morning Tony decided to email the Paddo and CC'd Queensland Roar for an explanation of our treatment. Instead of the apology we thought we were due, Tony received a very rude & aggressive phone call from the management of the Paddington Tavern basically claiming we were in the wrong. However the article on the left appeared in the local paper this week, who had obviously been tipped off by Queensland Roar CEO Lawrence Oudendyk. For this reason Queensland Roar will get the full support from the Brisbane Hammers for years to come.

This act of support for two of the clubs fans goes a long way, and shows the importance of a bit of positive PR and support of your customer base that the Paddo could learn a valuable lesson from. If they had sympathised with our case rather than being rude and defensive, then maybe the Caxton wouldn't have a large number of new customers for the course of the A-League season. I for one will be going to a lot more QLD games this season than planned and I may even buy some Roar Merchandise :-)

So thanks to Mr Oudendyk for your support, we hope to repay your loyalty with the Brisbane Hammers' full backing of Queensland Roar Football Club!

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