Sunday, October 02, 2005



Shite sums it up. I know how big an effort it has been so far to get promoted, strengthen the team wisely and get the early results we I don't want to turn on them after one bad performance....but we were woeful today for the majority of the game.

And unfortunately being the late kick-off game every other manager probably watched a blueprint for how to bring us undone. Opposition midfields and forwards only need to concentrate on giving us no time on the ball in midfield and we fall apart at the seams. You don't need silky skills. You don't need sheer brilliance. You just need to be fast and in our face and instead of building up some momentum we turn it over or hoof it away in a panic.

I was also highly disappointed that after snatching a goal to draw level and then getting in behind their defence a couple of times without luck in the next 5 mins, we didn't push on. Sunderland we're shell shocked and doubting themselves and panicking. So what did we do? We decided to run it to the corner flag and play for the point. Sure we stole a point we didn't deserve. But we could have and should have tried to steal all three.

And one final thing. While we're talking about shite. Peter Drury and Andy Townsend were inept and painful to listen to throughout the commentary...

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