Monday, December 05, 2005


Norwich - Again!!!

The 3rd round of the FA Cup has pitted us against Norwich City for the second succesive season. This time however the roles along with the pressure are reversed with Norwich now the Championship underdogs with home advantage facing us sitting comfortably in the elite of the Premiership. However any thoughts of a score reversal and Norwich causing an upset can be settled by the knowledge that our respective season's are going very differently. Wheras Norwich were facing the prospect of relegation and had half an eye on the league table, our lofty position of 9th in the premiership can afford us the luxury of concentrating on the job at hand. And respectively our season was cruising along quite nicely with the confidence of a promotion challenge, which Norwich have struggled to maintain this season and will have half an eye on not succumbing to a second succesive relegation.

I expect us to have a tough fight on our hands and may have to take a replay at Upton Park, but I fully expect us to be in the hat when the 4th round draw is made!

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