Sunday, February 12, 2006



This interview with Alan Pardew is very interesting any may tell you a few things you didn't know. (warning: contains crap puns)

This one with Nigel Reo-Coker is also a decent read.

And then there's this one with NRC, this time from

"It's all good at West Ham United at the moment. To win six consecutive matches at this level is by no means easy so we're all feeling really happy with how things are going. I don't mean to put a dampener on it, but we still can't do any kind of celebrating. We're feeling relaxed but we're aware that a winning streak can easily turn into a losing streak in the Premiership. This is no time to start thinking we've done enough.

"It's great for the manager that people are starting to talk about him in a positive way now. He's had to put up with a lot of criticism at West Ham, but his excellent work with the team is now being given the respect it deserves. He's doing a great job.

"One story that did emerge this week that caught my eye was that Barcelona are said to be interested in signing my mate Anton Ferdinand! I think it's such a compliment to Anton for the way that he's performed for us this season and I believe he fully deserves that kind of recognition. For a club of Barcelona's stature to be talking about Anton is tremendous for him and for his confidence. I know that he's flattered by it, but I also know that he won't let it go to his head. He's a level-headed guy that takes his football seriously so I know he'll just carry on doing what he's doing. A lot of people were questioning whether he could make it in the Premiership a few months ago but I was always sure he'd be quality. I knew what he was capable of and had belief in him to succeed at this level. I'm really pleased that everyone else is seeing that for themselves now too.

"We entertain Birmingham City on Monday night and it should be another interesting game. Their signing of DJ Campbell from Brentford was a really nice story and I hope he gets the chance to play against us. The way he's jumped from non-league football to the Premiership in the space of a year is incredible and it's also an inspiration. Other players in non-league will now be able to look at DJ Campbell and be given a reminder that they can still make it to the top and that their dreams can come true. If you work hard and also have ability, then anything is possible."

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