Thursday, June 08, 2006


Aussies 3-1 Liechtenstein

Well, the Socceroos beat Liechtenstein, although it should really have been a gimme considering they are footballing minnows even compared with us. The thing I do like about Liechtenstein is that when you play them, you really do play the whole damn country, although it must be hard for them to scrape together enough natives to make a full XI plus bench.

I didn't watch the match, thanks to its 3:30am kickoff, but apparently the boys had a bit of trouble with Lucas Neill banging one into his own net, Sterjovski levelling, and then one each from Kennedy and Aloisi to save our blushes in the final 15 minutes.

"There was a bit of a lack of concentration and we can not afford to make those types of mistakes," quoth Guus. "After that sloppy period in the beginning, we started to build up a little more pace in the second half especially with some changes on the left side and we went somewhat better."

Anyone watch it and care to comment?

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