Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Back to normal

It's been a crazy month but finally the World Cup is over. Italy have been just barely good enough to lift it, and France have been too intermittent. There's one thing that we will all bring home from this tournament: cheating will get you a long way. Portugal, Italy, and France have all been very guilty of this. I was looking forward to the last match, but Henry's histrionics in the first minute of the final set the scene for a disappointing game. After barely being brushed against he went down, as the commentator said, "like he'd been hit by a truck" and put on a big show of having some kind of head injury. Well, I'm hoping somebody gives him one after that carry-on. Then a shameful dive, once again without any contact, led to a penalty. Later, the linesman came into it with a dubious offside call when Italy had the ball in the net. France might have dominated the game but for me, Italy scored two goals and France scored only through a dodgy penalty. Justice, for this game at least, was done in the end. I must say though that I feel for Trezeguet - hardly a kick all through the tournament and now he must take the blame for his penalty miss.

"On me 'ead, son!"

Zidane has been named the player of the tournament, which goes to show what a joke this "honour" really is. He went missing for the first few matches, then had two superb games, and then a very average final, topped off by a foolish and in-character send-off. Cannavaro, on the other hand, was superb for the entire competition and did not even pick up a single yellow card. Is it a coincidence that Zidane and the Golden Ball award are both sponsored by Adidas?

Anyway, here's a bit of fun. Now, let's talk about West Ham..

Zamora is rumoured to be leaving, but I doubt it's true. The official site has published this denial, and I think he'll stay. Sheringham is hardly first choice any more and I think Pardew will want to create a Zamora/Cole partnership.

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