Thursday, July 06, 2006


LED Display Advertising Boards at Upton Park

In a move that will not please a lot of fans West Ham will one of 4 premiership clubs to have LED advertising boards this season. The Ilford Recorder reported yesterday that the multi million pound boards should be in place in time for the opening game against Charlton on Aug 17.

"Some supporters think they can be distracting but I can assure them it won't be and it allows us to talk to brands that we have never been able to even get into a meeting with before."

The Recorder also has some interesting info in this article about West Ham commercial director and now board member Scott Duxbury who was responsible for bring the new advertising boards to the Boleyn.

"From the playing side the team was almost at the end of what I call the
'fat cat' era where money was just swamping into football and I don't think you had to be particularly prudent commercially or indeed with your players' contracts - the money was always there," he reflected.

"We had a big squad with lots of players who, in my opinion, were earning a lot of money but weren't at the top of their game. So there was a massive wage bill and then the team got relegated...."

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