Monday, December 18, 2006


Where have you been? WHUFC 1-0 MUFC

Normal service has resumed? Well not quite. Frankly this was a bittersweet victory to me. Sweet because we really, really, REALLY needed the three points, and because it's always great to get a result against a top club, but bitter because it served mostly to illustrate just how, well, shit the team has been lately. What a contrast. With a great result like that I'm even more concerned about another shit display against Fulham.

Is it Curbishley? I don't know - maybe they just want to impress him because they are worried about their places on the team. Maybe he really can get them motivated again. Let's hope so. In the meantime I am very concerned that this was just one of those anomalies that this frustrating West Ham side are so capable of producing.

We know they can do it. They just don't do it week in and week out. That's what pisses me off.

Well, I love to get a win against the Mancs, so let's enjoy it.


Green 8 - OK, so he fumbled once or twice, but he was there when it mattered, and have I mentioned that I like his attitude? This guy is first class - our best keeper since Shaka's first spell IMO.
Konchy 6 - Defended well, and didn't give TOO many balls away.
Ferdinand 7 - Massive.
Collins 7 - Also excellent.
Spector 7 - Never gave up despite constant pressure.
Etherington 7 - Great early on but deservedly subbed.
Mullins 6 - Defended well generally but gave us a couple of scares as well.
NRC 6 - Here is where I will get contentious. OK, it was a good late run in for his goal. But silence his critics? No. The stats after the game were telling - he completed 17 passes, as compared to Scholes' 44, and Scholes is old enough to be NRC's great grandpa. He just doesn't contribute. Where was he when Harewood was getting shirty? Was he calming the big fella down to prevent him getting a yellow? Not that I saw. Leader my arse. He barely made a contribution, and the run to goal is what I'd expect him to do time and time again.
Bowyer 6 - Decent enough.
Harewood 7 - Got stuck in like the Harewood of old. Welcome back Marlon. Good assist.
Zamora 6 - Worked tirelessly but really should have buried that chance.

Ringo 7 - Deserves a start ahead of Konchy despite a couple of errors.
Yossi 6 - Good pass to the wing for the goal, otherwise not really involved.
Teddy 7 - Used his guile well.

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