Sunday, February 25, 2007


Why Curbs Must Go - These Stats Don't Lie

Curbs P11 W1 D3 L7 F8 A22 Diff-14 Pts 6

Pards P17 W4 D2 L11 F10 A24 Diff-14 Pts 14

Pards was sacked on his stats above and his % success rate was 27.45 compared with 18.18 from Curbs.
The team has played shite all season under both managers.
Eggy do the right thing and sack Curbs now.
I know we are going down and this is academic and I ain't calling for Pards to return but believe me we ain't coming back up with this joker.
He proved without a shadow of a doubt last night that he is a clueless excuse of a manager with no tactical ideas and seemingly no motivational impetus.
He is simply out of his depth and should be removed immediately.
Goodbye and shut the door on your way out.

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