Friday, March 09, 2007


Lucas: No rift

From a Sky interview with Lucas Neill.

"The club are very professional and there is no rift in the dressing room. We are very much together and you saw that on Sunday - and I think you will find that until the end of the season. A line has been drawn under everything in the past - whether it's true or not true - and the only way is up for West Ham. I came here to further my career - I'm committed to the club and until they tell me otherwise I'm happy to stay here long-term - I don't want to be a failure, I want to be a success. I just see talented young players who want to be successful - but they need a little bit of guidance. Some of them are that fresh that they lack the experience to be consistent at this level. he older guys are trying to steer them through, to get us on a roll and get the confidence up. You saw what the team did last year - they had a great FA Cup run. I would like to be part of a team that wins four, five or six games in a row - that would excite me. It's a massive task - there are only so many points to go for, and we probably need 18 to 20. We're going to do what we can to fight for them."

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