Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Blair: Clubs should cut prices

By Lewis Rutledge (Skysports)

Prime Minister Tony Blair has backed calls to cut ticket prices in the Premiership.

Premiership attendances have fallen this season while the cost of tickets have risen, but clubs such as Bolton and Blackburn have announced they will be reducing prices next term.

Almost 80 MPs have signed a motion in protest at the escalating prices, and have suggested clubs take advantage of increased television revenue next season and slash costs.

Blair believes Premiership clubs should make sure ordinary supporters can afford to attend matches, and insists the solution is 'pretty clear'.

"Anybody who watches the Premiership will just notice, over the past year or couple of years, the rows of empty seats," Blair said on Sky Sports News.

"It is something I don't recall seeing in the same way four or five years back.

"I think there are very sensible market-based reasons for the people to make sure the ticket prices aren't beyond the reach of the ordinary fans.

"After all it is the ordinary fans that have really built the club.

"So it is a decision for them, but I think the logic of it is pretty clear."

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