Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Brisbane Hammers shirts!

I would like to do this but I think I'd prefer it if we just made it an "Aussie Hammers" shirt (similar thing but with Australia in place of Qld). What do y'all say?

(the following is posted on behalf of Beggers)

You may remember there was talk of getting shirts made up a few weeks ago on
the blog. Since then I've sussed out a sportswear company next to my work
and they can do Brisbane Hammers shirts for around $25 - 30 plus a $40 set
up fee. So with some postage I expect the cost would be about $30 -35/

This quote was based on a white collared shirt with the Brissie Hammers logo
on the front, top LHS, crossed hammers on the RHS sleeve, in claret, and
crossed hammers on the back of the collar with WHUFC, in small letters
underneath, again, all in claret. We need a minimum of 20 shirts to place an

Is there any chance you could post something on the blog for me to see if
anybodies interested. They can contact me on


Gaz (beggers)

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