Saturday, May 12, 2007


Brisbane Hammers Polo Shirts

A month or so ago Beggers (AKA Gaz) posted about the possibility of getting some Brisbane Hammers polo shirts made up. After some investigation he got a quote of $35 per shirt for a minimum order of 20. We are close to getting that figure so we can shortly place an order but what I want is for everybody to post on this thread their requirements in the following format (using norvern munky as an example):

Name: Tony McEvoy (aka norvern munky)
Number of shirts and sizes required: 1 x XL; 1 x S; Total = 2
Email Address:

Please do not post any other comments in this thread except for shirt orders.

Beggers has kindly agreed to pay the money up front when he places the order and will collect cash from everybody after so thanks very much for that Gaz. Once the shirts are ready we will arrange to meet at the pig n whistle for a drink and to collect the shirts and reimburse Gaz (beggers).

Of course this is a not for profit sale however if the shirts were to come in slightly under the $35 quoted then I don't think any of us will begrudge the excess funds going towards paying for Gaz's own shirt for the efforts he has put in to arrange this.

We will firm up the order Monday 14th May so get in quick if you want a shirt and haven't commented on this thread!!

Up the 'ammers!

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