Monday, April 16, 2007


There is still hope!

I know you don't think it but there is. Not much has changed since before the weekend. Charlton lost and Wigan drew. If we were to take 4 or 6 points in our next 2 games then it is all back on. Fulham will be lucky if they pick up another point this season and Wigan and Charlton have a rough run of games. I know things didn't happen at the weekend but it wasn't from lack of endeavour. Personally I thought the effort rate was up there and had some of our early chances been capitalised on then it would've been a different game. The 3-0 scoreline was very flattering to Sheffield United and that gives me hope that we will go into the next game with our chins held up high. If we win 3 out of our final 5 games then the odds are we'll stay up - there is hope fellas - don't give up now!

Our run in

Chelsea H
Everton H
Wigan A
Bolton H
Man utd A

Charlton's run in

Sheff Utd H
Blackburn A
Tottenham H
Liverpool A

Sheff Utd's run in

Man U A
Charlton A
Watford H
Villa A
Wigan H

Wigan's Run in

Liverpool A
West Ham H
Boro H
Sheff Utd A

Fulham's run in

Blackburn H
Arsenal A
Liverpool H
Boro A

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