Saturday, June 16, 2007


Brisbane Hammers Meeting Sat 16th June **Time change 4pm**

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The polo shirts are ready but we now have an added bonus - Socceroo Mark Schwarzer will be present at the Pig n Whistle from 4:30pm til 6:30pm so we have rescheduled and brought the time forward.

Of course we will be going all night so for those who have arranged to come later and can't change we will still be there for sure.

We're going to meet in the Pig n Whistle Eagle St @ 4:00pm to collect the shirts, grab a bite to eat and have a couple of beers.

As for the shirts - they look fantastic and I'm very pleased with the outcome (pics below). Caps have been ordered and will also be available due to the great result with the shirts.

The following people have ordered shirts so please make sure you are there on the 16th to collect them....

Tony McEvoy (aka norvern munky)
Richard Fuller
Chris McCoy (aka redrisky)
Terry Medlycott
Lee Hatcliff
Mark Hessling
Simon Beacon (aka beex)
Dean McGrath (aka Deano)
Richard Bishop (aka Dicky)
Jay Marshall
Han Ling
Julian Bates
Micky Palmer
Mark Cottle
Bret Tiwana (aka Mr bret)
Stuart Robinson
Omar Ameer
Phil Turner

If you can't make it please let us know so we can make other arrangements for you to collect your shirts. Gaz (beggers) is down over a grand for the total order and will be quite keen to recoup his cash as soon as possible so please get over to the pig on the 16th if you possibly can.

We have Shirt Pictures......

Front + RH Sleeve



Sleeve Close up

Back Close up



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