Monday, May 28, 2007


Do Do Do - Nigel Cheerioker!

Well it's official - the moaning little twat has handed in his transfer request.

His agent is bleating on that he can't beleive West Ham are letting him leave but this all smells a bit fishy to me - if it is West Ham that are letting him leave then why is it Reo-Coker handing in a transfer request not the club placing him on the transfer list??? I think our Nigel & his agent are trying to hold Eggy to ransom and he's telling them to fuck off!

I really would've liked to see him stay as he put in some blinding performances towards the end of the season and with the quality we are prepared to bring to the club there could've been some serious competition on Nigel to perform in a West Ham shirt over the next 12 months.

I'm afraid Nige you'll always be remembered at West Ham for your below par performances when we needed you to be a man, step up a gear and captain your team.

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