Saturday, May 12, 2007


Fox Sport Denies Request to Show Game Live on Main Event

For some unfathomable reason, Fox Sports & Premier Media Group have turned down a request from Dave Lewis to have our game on Sunday night shown live on Main Event rather than delayed at 2.30am

Dave even offered to pay for it.

So lets leave aside the gaff Foxtel originally made to show SU vs Wigan live (neither team even has a supporter's club in Oz!) rather than the other last round match that matters played between the team with probably the largest supporter base in the world in Man United and West Ham which has a massive and more importantly active support base in Oz.

Let's just focus on why having made that decision, they can't acquiesce to a request to at least show us on Main Event. There is nothing programmed on Main Event at that time, just filler fox boxoffice previews.

Is it a $$$ issue? As I say Dave Lewis offered to pay for it. I'm not sure what that offer extended to but presumably it at least covered Fox's set up costs.

So why does Foxsports care enough to say no?

Pig-headedness in not wanting to admit they were wrong to choose SU vs Wigan as the live game?

Please tell us Foxsports!

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