Saturday, August 18, 2007


Brum vs West Ham this Saturday (Brisbane Hammers)

With Foxsports active it seems that almost every game is going to be available live for us to watch. I don't think it is realistic that we have official meets every week as many of us have families & finances to juggle.

As such I think our next official Brisbane Hammers game should be vs Boro on September 15th & then Arsenal on 29th.

However I encourage you to go along to the pig n whistle and watch the games if you wish to - you are more than welcome to go along this weekend and watch the Birmingham game. If you are going to be there for either the Brum or Wigan games feel free to let people know in the comments of this thread.

As most of you know a few of us (including myself) danced on the line with regards to the pig n whistle's hospitality last weekend. As far as I'm concerned the business with the Spurs fans should end here and we should put the whole thing down to a bit of excitement & over exuberance from both parties with new season getting underway and a few of us (again from both parties including myself) drinking more than we should.

Having spoken to the manager there are a couple of things they are not happy with that are a threat to future attendances. It has been identified that one or two people persistently spit in the pub. The pub management know who you are (they have it on video), you know who you are and if it continues the pub will ban individuals concerned. Please refrain from spitting in the pub grounds - I have been told there will be zero tolerance on this matter and if it happens again just once it will result in a ban.

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