Sunday, August 12, 2007


West Ham 0-2 Man City

We're off to a disappointing start to the season thanks to a couple of goals from Man City new boys. Despite plenty of possession and some flair West Ham could just not create any decent chances - every time a good move was on something would happen to intervene. Still, some positives to take from the game.

Player ratings (these might be out of whack because I haven't seen any kind of game for a few months!)

Green 5 - It pains me to say it but he was pretty ordinary. Couldn't have done too much more about the goals but just unconvincing throughout.
Ringo 6 - Awful start but put in a very respectable performance once he got into the game. Some good work with his teammates.
Upson 6 - Horrible, and costly error for the first goal but other than that I thought he did pretty well.
Ferdinand 5 - Prone to the odd mistake. Didn't look like he cared too much.
Spector 6 - Good, but lacked control. Tired towards the end.
LBM 6 - Promising. I hadn't expected much but he did all right down the left and put in the odd strong tackle.
Noble 8 - Excellent performance, hard working, some really classy passes and footwork. I've had a look at a couple of player ratings sites and he's not getting any decent ratings - maybe I was watching a different game but I thought he was very good.
Freddie Mercury 6 - We had high hopes and he didn't disappoint. Room for improvement, knowing what he can do, but some good signs. Glad he's with us.
Bowyer 5 - No impact.
Zamora 6 - A frustrating game for the angry young man. Plenty of ball but always seemed to make the wrong decision, misplace a pass, or get caught offside. Wasn't helped by somewhat picky linesmen and ref.
Bellamy 6 - Showed what he can do at times but drifted aimlessly.

Mullins 6 - Adequate.
Etherington 7 - Threatening.
Ashton 6 - Clearly rusty, and has had a visit to Advanced Hair I think because his crown seems to be a lot less shiny. High hopes for him this season though.

Curbs 6 - We needed somebody in the box who can head a ball, which is where Ashton might have come in handy from the start, with Zamora used as an impact player which I think is best for him. Kind of pointless substitution with Mullins as it brought Ljungberg out of the game and put more pressure on Spector, who was getting tired.

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