Monday, August 06, 2007


Fat Sam: Dickhead Extraordinaire

So Sam Allardyce has been flapping that enormous gob of his again, and strike me pink if it isn't another load of wank.

"In the end we decided he was under-valued and escalated it and West Ham didn't want to roll with us over what we thought was realistic. So he is back with us - a top player with a squad that is growing. It's life isn't it? He has got a contract. You can go back and get on with it. It is not a hard life is it? It is pressurised, but it is not a hard life. He will come back and do his best and go forward. If anything happens in terms of West Ham increasing their offer then great, but if they don't, they clearly don't value him as highly as we do. They're not as upset as we are with West Ham. That is private and confidential, but if Curbs started it then we are more upset than they are and that is a fact."

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