Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Oh my GOD - Paolo to return to Claret and Blue?

No, not that one. Gotcha! According to the Mirror, Mr Wanchope wants to come back to the Premiership, and West Ham are leading the race. (Pretty slow race, but never mind.) He's been playing mainly in the rain in the plains of Spain, for Malaga, apparently. He's still only 28 years old. He said, "I still have sufficient quality to play for a club in the Premier League and this is my wish." Pompey and Sheffield Utd are also looking at him. Would he be welcome? Would he score goals? He might do us as a squad player, I guess, but isn't going to set the world on fire. His transfer to Malaga was only half a million squids and they want rid of him, so he'd be cheap. I say, bear him in mind but keep looking, Alan.

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