Thursday, August 25, 2005


Upton Park has more atmosphere than Old Trafford!

According to Roy Carroll. :-)

Well we all knew that anyway. On both my visits to the theatre of clowns we have out sung the minnows of Manchester (well in the singing dept they are anyway), and they attempted on both occasions to drown us out by playing their shit songs on their over elaborate PA system. I guess they had to try and block out the noise form the West Ham faithful somehow and they certainly weren't gonna do it with their voices - retards ;-).

From the official site Roy said: "Upton Park obviously can't match the capacity of Old Trafford, but after playing in front of 33,000 fans there against Blackburn Rovers it is a lot noiser and a really enjoyable ground to play football in."Doing well at home will be important this season, but it doesn't really affect the way we approach the game. We go into every game with the confidence that we can do well and if we play to our potential then we have every chance of coming away with a good result."

"It's been a good start for us with the results against Blackburn and Newcastle and we'll be aiming to keep that run going against Bolton. They'll be another tough test, but we've had a good week's preparation and we're going into the game with our confidence high."Getting off to a good start is important and we're pleased with the way things have gone so far. But we know there's a lot of hard work ahead and we're just going to make sure we're totally focused on the next game and hopefully we can come away with another good result

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