Friday, November 04, 2005


Jay J. Okocha

Rumours say that Jay Jay Okocha is on his way out of Reebok - some people say Hidetoshi Nakata has nudged the Nigerian sideways out of Big Sam Allardyce's spotlight.

The man who Alex Ferguson should have bought instead of SahahahahaHAHAHA could be on his way to the bountiful land (if you're a footballer) of Qatar, but I reckon Pardew would do well to consider bringing the former £14 million playmaker to the Boleyn.

Look at us now. Mullins and Reo-Coker are doing a sometimes-adequate, sometimes-spectacular job in midfield. Etherington is doing nothing and is too lightweight, as many of us feared he would be. While Shaun "10K" Newton is doing a great job as a reliable bolstering substitute, it's doubtful he'll ever put in a 9/10 or 10/10 performance. And lastly, our Diamond is certainly showing the brilliant lustre and hardness of his nickname, but one man a midfield does not make.

Jay Jay would fit well into our squad. He's vastly experienced in the Premiership. He's big, powerful, creative, and scores a few goals (like the one against us in 2003 that pretty much sent us down, but that's another story). He could provide cover and competition for Yossi (not that the Israeli needs a reason to put in 100%). He could play as support to Marlon and Z-Man while Yossi plies his trade on the wing and Matty gets splinters. A player like this gives a manager many more options, and I can't help but think Pardew's a little short on options, at least until January.

Pardew could offer a moderate figure for the playmaker's services in the next transfer window. If we don't get him, or he wants bigger wages, then fine, let him go. But you never know your luck. Allardyce might not be too keen to let him go, in which case, no harm done.

On the minus side, Jay Jay is 32 years old and has two years to run on his contract at Bolton. He didn't score at all last season and is yet to get on the scoresheet this season too.

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