Sunday, December 18, 2005


Mugged - by 30 million pounds worth of strikeforce!

I thought we played a good game today. We dominated, we never gave up yet we were dealt a lesson in how to finish and shown what happens if you go to sleep for a split second against the premiership's finest strikers. The result flatters Newcastle. They were beaten all over the field except when it came to Shearer and Owen. Owen surely would not have completed his hatrick but for the endeavour of Roy Carroll going up the other end in an all or bust attempt to salvage a point from the game.

But look at the 2 teams and I know who I'd rather be supporting right now. It's exciting times at West Ham at the moment. Rarely would you concede 4 goals yet thoroughly enjoy a performance full of heart and carachter. Yet Newcastle on the other hand would be in the depths of the league but for their 17M purchase of Michael Owen prior to the closure of the transfer window. They offered nothing in terms of flair, and consistently tried to pump balls to the prolific strike pairing of Shearer and Owen.

If some of our chances had gone in then it could have been a different game. The fact that they went 3-1 up totally against the run of play when we looked more like getting an equaliser, meant the 2 goal margin finally proved a gap to far to bridge. At 3-2 we looked far superior and tried all our efforts to produce but when Roy went up the other end to offer his skills up front we were caught on the break and Owen dealt the killer blow whilst securing his hatrick.

Positives to come out of this game:

Well lots really

I beleieve in this side. They have heart, the will to win and even though like today they will sometimes get caught out they will always entertain and will not let their heads drop. They are a testament to Pardew and the West Ham way of playing attractive decent football. So we lose this week - Bring on next week I say!!!

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