Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Scaloni Wants to Come Back!

Thanks for your efforts last season Lionel but no thanks. If you beleive what you read then apparently we are tabling a 2 million bid to bring Scaloni to Upton Park on a permanent basis. He has reportedly said he only wants to play for West Ham next season and has no interest in returning to la liga.

As a person I think he's great. He's lively in the dressing room and wants to do well. But his footballing abilities are very limited and he had alot more bad games than good last season. Fair to judge a player on six months of football? Maybe not but I think I've seen enough. IMO we should spend the money elsewhere.

* Reports have resurfaced regarding Liverpool's interest in Yossi Benayoun. Yossi has been talking in the Israeli press of their interest and saying that if they made an effort to sign him their overtures would be hard to resist. Sounds to me like you're trying to engineer a move Yossi me old son. I've always thought he'd be a judas as soon as a big club somes sniffing and I still hold that reservation. I really hope he stays because he engineers so much that is good through the current West Ham team. But if we're expecting loyalty I don't think we're gonna get it here.

** Pards insists Bobby Z is not for sale - in fact none of our strikers are. AP has stated that all 5 strikers will start on an even keel at the start of the season and all will have a roll to play throughout the season. Makes sense as the 4 we had on board last season had their golden moments.

*** We have taken on Alan Curbishley's right hand man at Charlton, Keith Peacock as Senior coach. Pards has been well documented with regards to his eye for a good backroom staff so again we must trust his judgement here.

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