Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Comments on Argies vs Brazil

No-one else has posted their comments after the Argies vs Brazil game so I'll step up.

Tevez really impressed me...from the get-go he was sharp and lively. He was constantly getting the ball, holding it up, drawing defenders and laying off great little balls to players around him. I can really see Bobby, Marlon, Carlton & Teddy loving playing along side the little fella. Sure he ran at defenders as well and we know based on the last 3 tyears he has a real eye for goal..but he is seriously gonna be a great provider as well.

When he didn't have it he was chasing defenders and the keeper down, putting them under pressure and forcing mistakes or hurried distribution. Its all good.

Mascherano only played half a game and looked cool enough when he had it but it was hard to form an opinion. When the signings were announced I had high hopes for him becoming a real rock in defensive midfield and I still hope thats the case. But this performance didn't leave me drooling (unlike Tevez :)

Mullins is one of my favourite players and often does not get the kudos he deserves..knowing he is there allows NRC to get forward and get noticed...I've posted about fixture congestion this year and how we may well need all this new depth in spades...well having Mascheraro & Mullins in the squad makes me feel pretty good about the world.

Having Tevez out there has me creaming my panties in anticipation...

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