Sunday, September 24, 2006



Just stayed up again to watch another crock of shite!

Everything is going against us - to think we had delusions of grandure just a few weeks back - well bump! Wake up lads - we're shit! Well we are if we play like a wet sponge as we have done since transfer deadline day passed.

This is starting to remind me of our relegation season where confidence was low and we had injuries to key players. To be honest it all started when Ashton broke his leg training for England before the season had started. Now we have Ferdinand out and doubtful for the 2nd leg vs Palermo this week.

Time to get personal:

Mascherano - you are a lazy cunt! What the hell was going through your head as you stood a foot away from Samaras as he watched the ball come down for 15 minutes turn and shoot??? FFS - Mullins must be well pissed off.

Reo-Coker - what the fuck are you all about eh? Arrogant as shit about your ability yet every time you get anywhere near the ball you're easily disposessed and when you don't have it your casually jogging around looking like you don't want it!

I honestly beleive if we don't sort this out soon we could be in trouble. :-(

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